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So we can hopefully prevent needing to correct and explain to people who already see our journal.

Headspace - because we aren't neuro-generated or set in the body's mindscape.

In-world - this originally came around because people didn't like terms with the word "head" in them, but little did they realize that it still has the connotations that you're inside somewhere, i.e. something's head.

Headmate - see "headspace".

Front - because of association with head- prefix phrases. There isn't a front because there isn't a "back".

Fictive - oh, I love this one. It deliberately calls people fictional because there's some story that's assumed to fit them here. And because the only possible explanation of them AND the story being here is that they came from it (right?), they're singled out as less real than any of the other people who just randomly showed up. There's more to the universe than JUST what gets filtered through this reality. How much more this-world centric can you get?

Canon - Just because there's a story about a person doesn't mean it's accurate OR that the world portrayed here is its only iteration.

Source - See "canon". Having a media representation here ALSO doesn't mean you came from that media.

"System" - This is a more minor vice. We're divorced from "system" the same way we're divorced from the plural community at large. It implies structure and a set-up that's different from how people actually work together. We're a society or a community, or failing that a mix-up of people who got thrown together.

"System-" prefix - because we don't use "system".


You use any of these words for yourself? Great! You have a convenient way of relaying your experiences to others that's widely-accepted and understood. No one is asking you to stop using it for yourself, or even for other people.
Just stop applying your words to us.

Words and phrases we do use:

This realm, our realm, the Grimms' realm, Whoever's realm
This world, our world, the Grimms' world, Whoever's world
- you get the idea.
Group, you people, you guys, you all, y'all - convenient for groups of people, with access to the same body or otherwise.
Caretakers - the people who use the body.
People with representations in media here - or failing that, just "people".
"People" - as opposed to, say, head-X or system-X. Because why bother?
Antisocialites/Grimms/Renai - to delineate which population someone belongs to within our not-really-a-collective.

The phrasing we use is the best way we've found to get our meaning across clearly and accurately. The phrases also don't usually require translation to newbies. AND the neutral terms are usually safe to use for people besides us if we aren't sure which words they prefer.

Think it's a bit much? Not really.
If people don't get shit for not wanting to be called "alters" because it's fundamentally wrong for them, we shouldn't get shit for using different terms because the rest aren't right for us. We're not going to submit to the words other people use to automatically define our reality because of how they perceive theirs.

Usually, we smile and nod when somebody applies a term to us that we don't agree with, unless it's practical to explain ourselves. They don't mean harm, it's what they're used to, we're not going to leap down someone's throat for not knowing it rubs us the wrong way. We might get an eyelid twitch if it keeps happening though.

- Castor


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